Help Wanted

Can you 'unlock' any of these Goacher lines which have reached a brick wall?

Sailed to America

According to the Ellis Island records, Ellen Goacher arrived in New York on 10 November 1912 with her children Morris, Margaret, Olive, Frank and Tyffren.  They arrived on board the Caronia, which had sailed from Liverpool. 

Ellen was the wife of Samuel Ernest Goacher, but he did not accompany them on the trip from Britain.  I have not found any record of Samuel’s death in Britain, so perhaps he had gone to America in advance of his family. 

What happened to the family after they arrived in America?  Anyone know?

Canadian Soldier

Arthur Bernard Goatcher was born in London in 1887.  In 1914 he signed up in the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force.  He was married in London in 1916, but no trace has been found of him after that date.  There doesn’t appear to be a War Grave record for him.

Did he die in the war or emigrate to Canada?

South African Civil Servant

Alfred Winton Goatcher was born in England in 1873.  From references found on the National Archives of South Africa website he appears to have been working in South Africa from about 1904 onwards.  He appears to have worked at times for the Government in various departments; was married to Edith Priscilla Musto, and may have died in the country about 1925.

Can anybody provide any information on Alfred or his wife or their time in South Africa?

If you have any information on any of the above people, or if you have a ‘lost’ a Goacher ancestor and would like details added to this page please email me: