Family Trees

I have re-constructed family trees for almost all families that originated in the UK, and for some, apparently unrelated families, originating in Canada and the USA.

Each tree is of provable descent, and most go back to the 1700s.  Of course, I have many twigs that haven’t yet been connected to a tree.  Usually it is because I can’t find the information that will prove a connection, though I may have some grounds for believing a linkage exists.

I don’t publish my trees on the Internet because:
  • Further research regularly finds additional information to expand that held on any line
  • Published trees are often ‘high jacked’ by individuals who add incorrect information and republish them

I can usually link present day descendants to one of these trees.  I am happy to provide you with the information I have on your ancestors if you contact me.

There are many trees containing information concerning Goacher families on the Internet.  Some contain very inaccurate information.
If a tree does not give references to original documentation that you can check for accuracy for any family linkage, fact or date, the information may be inaccurate.